trevTrevor Ward has been a working medium in the UK for many years. He demonstrates mediumship at many venues throughout the UK and gives private psychic, soul and mediumship readings. He is a nationally accredited medium here in the United Kingdom. Trevor offers private mediumship and psychic readings, including via Skype.

Different types of readings are available; mediumship readings often involve spirit communication from loved ones in the spirit world; other types of reading include soul and psychic readings – all dependent on the needs of the client.

People often seek clarity for their direction in life; it is important to state however that Trevor does not offer fortune telling.

We are all here on earth to serve others in one way or another and to enrich our souls through the experience; the unfoldment and practice of mediumship is one way of many to help mankind understand the eternal nature of themselves.

The needs of a sitter can be wide and varied and sometimes the client is not really interested in a mediumistic reading but rather what may be termed a soul reading or a psychic reading.

Trevor does offer the above mentioned readings – however you will not have your fortune told but may well receive clarity for the direction of your life.

The results of a sitting can never be pre-determined and so it is essential that the client has an open mind and heart. A positive attitude is most important.

The life journey of a medium is one of incredible spiritual discovery and Trevor is no different. It is a wonder how a life in alignment with the spirit brings with it a fuller understanding of our eternal self.

There is always something new to learn.

Further information especially regarding the nature of private readings can be found under the “Private Readings” section and a wealth of information regarding many esoteric subjects can be found under the “Blog” section..

Welcome to This is a website for esoteric chat regarding all matters of the Spirit. Please feel free to join in and to register. Private messaging is also available in the text input window.

Private readings are available to members in a private section of this website where only Trevor and the Client are present. You may if you wish switch your webcam on in the private area or may simply wish to continue only with the use of the text window.

There is important information to be learned on the Private Readings page as it is important to know exactly what is being offered. Trevor does not offer predictions or medical advice. It is important also to know that you should not consider yourself to be a vulnerable adult in any way and that you confirm that you are over the age of 18 years.

Regardless of whether you would like a reading or not you are welcome to join in the chat in the public area and to enjoy the Blog section where more material is available, which is continually being developed.

The purpose of this website is to bring together like minded people interested in spiritual development. Too many of our ideas are rooted in prejudice and mis-information. Feedback will always be much appreciated.

For example, how do you know what is of the Spirit? What is of the mind? What is from intuition? What is idle “clap-trap”? These are questions to which the answers are rooted in spiritual development. “Too much is attributed to the Spirit”- that is my general response.

If this conundrum interests you then you have arrived at the right place.

Once again I welcome you to this website and I know that if you stay then we have much in common. I look forward to gaining many friends on here. If you register then so much the better – since the purpose of registration is simply to build a like minded community.

Q. How do I ask for a private reading.

A. Simply ask in the video chat or by private messaging within the chat.

Q. What happens after that.

A. You will be given a link to the payments page where you can pay securely by card. After that you will be re-directed back to the video chat and shortly afterwards both Trevor and yourself will enter a private video chat room where only the two are present.

Q. Do I need a webcam to participate in a private reading.

A. This is not essential – you may respond by text if you wish but you will have the option to switch on your webcam if you have one.

Q. Why can’t I enter video chat on a tablet.

A. This website is optimized for flash video which is functional on desktop computers and labtops
providing your browser has Adobe Flash installed which includes most computers.

Q. What if I am unhappy with my reading.

A. Should you be unhappy with your reading then please say this within 5 minutes and your payment will be refunded.

Q. How should I prepare myself if I am considering a private reading.

A. You should be relaxed and be comfortable with your surroundings – it is advisable to read the Private Readings page and the Terms of Service available here.

Should you wish to leave Trevor with a testimonial you may do so here.

lovely person and easy to work with


Trevor is a total gem! I absolutely love talking with him. I really appreciate the messages he sends me from spirit and am so happy Trevor is here to help me!


Trevor is a total gem! I absolutely love talking with him. I really appreciate the messages he sends me from spirit and am so happy Trevor is here to help me!


Trevor is amazing! Such a kind, sweet soul that is so true in his words. First time that I have had him do mediumship, and it truly warmed my heart:) What a wonderful reader …Simply adore him…Thank you Trevor!


Wonderful! Trevor is such a comfort and pleasure to talk with.


Great as usual! I’m gonna see him again.


Trevor is so lovely and genuine, he is warm and caring and provides excellent guidance. I think he is wonderful.


Wonderful, truly lovely, very calming and encouraging. He is the real thing!


Once again, Trevor Ward has provided me with the most accurate readings ever ! I will ALWAYS and ONLY continue to go to Trevor for all of my readings. He is the most accurate, genuine, honest and compassionate person I have had the honor of knowing and the earth is a better place because he here with us ! Thank you again Trevor and contact you again soon !




Trevor is so kind and patient and sweet. He is very accurate and tries always to bring me the message from spirit that I need to hear right now. He is wonderful!


Once again, Trev is excellent in picking up things like an angel who knows and feel what’s going on and what is right. You should consult him! He will tell you exactly what is happening.


wow….this gentleman was too too too good! 10 stars for him…he soothed me…picked up the energies and thats it.


Trevor is an absolutely wonderful medium. I have total confidence that he is connecting with Spirit and helps me enormously to see my situation in a broader context. Trevor is kind and compassionate and a truly lovely person. I am so happy that he provides such caring help.